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Have you applied for the CGFM Program, but are having difficulty committing time to study and take the exams? Would you like to save on exam fees?

Then consider AGA's Intensive Review Course! Already a staple at two of AGA's conferences, it was just offered before the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Washington DC and once again was sold out.

After attending the two-day review course on February 9-10, the candidates tackled the CGFM Examinations over the next two days (with some taking all three exams in one day!). As a result, 19 of the participants passed all three (or finished up their remaining) CGFM Examinations at this event. Several others passed one or two examinations and are on their way to completing the CGFM process.

While this "intense" experience is not for everybody, participants were attracted to the idea of completing the CGFM process in a short period of time, having a set deadline to take the examinations and saving money (the cost of CGFM Examinations is included in the Intensive Review Course fee and this fee is less than the cost of the three examinations). Holding an Intensive Review Course and CGFM Examinations in conjunction with AGA National Leadership and Professional Development Conferences gives the candidates one more way to reinforce the material and take the CGFM Examinations (candidates can also take the exams at Prometric testing centers anytime).

The extra reinforcement of the material is exactly what some people wanted and needed. The Intensive Review Course is not a substitute for the six days of regular instructor-led training courses. On the contrary, this course is designed as a supplement to previous preparation for the CGFM Examinations. In fact, the majority of the participants have either attended the CGFM training courses or purchased the CGFM study guides before participating in the Intensive Review Course.

AGA plans to continue offering this course and CGFM Examinations at its upcoming conferences. The next Intensive Review Course is scheduled for June 21-22, 2007 (with exams on June 23-24, 2007) in conjunction with AGA's Professional Development Conference (PDC) in Nashville, TN.

For more information or to register, visit <>. Space is limited - if you are interested in participating, sign up now!

Q: How often do I have to renew my CGFM designation?


A: CGFM certification is renewed on an annual basis. A renewal invoice is sent out in February and the payment is due by March 31st. If you do not receive an invoice by mid-March, please call AGA at 1.800.AGA.7211.


If your address has recently changed, please be sure to update your contact information with AGA and pay your dues in the "Members only" section of AGA website (



Q: What are the requirements for maintaining the CGFM certification in an active status?


A: To maintain the CGFM certification in an active status, CGFMs are required to:

-- Pay the CGFM renewal fee by the due date every year.

-- Complete at least 80 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every two years in government financial management topics or related technical subjects.

-- Maintain and, if requested by AGA, provide detailed information on CPE hours completed.


To retain the CGFM certification, all CGFMs must adhere to the AGA's Code of Ethics. By submitting their annual renewal payment, CGFMs affirm that they have and will continue to abide by AGA's Code of Ethics and that they have fulfilled the minimum CPE Requirements.


FAQ About Your AGA Membership

Q: How do I determine my CPE cycle?

A: Your first two-year CPE cycle starts on January 1st of the year following the one when your CGFM was awarded (for example, if your CGFM was awarded in 2001, your first CPE cycle was 1/1/02-12/31/03). The award date is listed on your CGFM certificate. Your current CPE cycle is listed on your renewal invoice. For a table of all CPE cycles visit


Q: My two-year CPE cycle just ended on December 31, 2006, but I did not complete 80 CPEs in 2005-2006. Can I make up the deficiency?

A: Yes. CGFMs who have not completed the 80 CPE hours in 2005-2006 cycle have until March 31, 2007 to make up the deficiency. Any CPE hours completed toward a deficiency in one period must be documented in the CPE records and may not be counted toward the requirements for the next two-year period. More information on CGFM CPE requirements can be found on


Q: I just retired. Do I need to do anything to adjust my CGFM status to "retired"?

A: Yes. Individuals who are retired from AND are no longer substantially working in the government financial management community can request an adjustment of their status to "retired" by contacting AGA's Office of Professional Certification (by mail or e-mail at <> - please provide the date of retirement and confirm that you are no longer substantially working in the government financial management community). CGFMs in retired status are not required to remit the CGFM renewal fee or earn the 80 CPE hours.

If retired CGFMs return to work (substantial employment or contracting) in the government financial management community, they must contact AGA to change their status back to "active."

More information on CGFM renewal policies can be found on




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